Monaco is a premium quality ice-cream, for the most demanding consumers. If you would like to indulge your beloved or yourself with true elegant present – Monaco ice-cream is exactly what you need. Perfect ice-cream and unbelievable tastes – a dessert for the elite, see for yourself!
“Dive into a wonderful world of one of the tiniest but still the most luxurious places of the world – Monaco.
French Riviera stretched in front of you.
Dream yourself having a rest in the legendary Café de Paris built as far as in 1882, with the  Monte Carlo casino next to you.
You are like one from the “Ocean’s Eleven”. Luxury cars are speeding past you, white yachts are showing off near the berth... Luxury is everywhere – you cannot forget for any second where you are. The waiter brings you a signature dessert of the restaurant – «Frizzante» ice-cream.  Let’s taste it?”