Studio Indposhiv was founded by Kateryna Vozianova in February 2009. Prior to launching Indposhiv Kateryna had a successful career as a marketing executive.
Fashion- was always a proud family tradition, Kateryna’s father Fedor Vozianov one of the prominent Ukrainian designers, Kateryna decided . Having studied the market, Katerina decided that the sphere of women’s clothes is already occupied and the segment of men’s classical suits by bespoke technology is virtually non existant. Not long after Indposhiv was born, the first Ukrainian studio that crafted bespoke suits according to the standards of Savile Row Bespoke Association.
At this moment the economic recession helped her in some way to realize this idea. Apparel studions all over the country were keen to sell or lease their equipment. One of the biggest challenges was to find the right calibre team.
After careful shortlisting of tailors, with experience in conveying sewing, it was obvious that there is still a lot of training required in order to bring them up to Savile Row standards, which after determined work and affort was achived.