Figaro-Catering is a catering of gastronomic impressions with 14 years' experience of customer service for the events of any complexity. The team of professionals has carried out more than 10 000 events for more than one million guests. The company has wide facilities for catering at any point of Ukraine. 
Figaro-Catering considers individual needs of each customer, creates WOW effect, develops culture and standards of catering in Ukraine.
Everyone knows that the core of the success and attractiveness of every business is in the details. The more perfected every detail, the faster a client falls in love with a product and becomes his loyal fan. The Figaro-Catering company headed by her founder and the inspirer Alexander Kotolup manages to gain the instant client’s liking by its thorough approach to the each project.
Figaro-Catering provides catering services on corporate actions, educational events (conferences, seminars, forums, etc.), PR actions, and also on private holidays.
A wide range of décor collections, a rich assortment of menu positions, gastronomic and animation stations allow Figaro-Catering to arrange events which meet high requirements of each customer. Moreover, the perfect event requires the perfect venue. Figaro Catering is proud of its affiliation with a great number of places that can welcome different events’ formats and guests’ quantities.
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