Afisha bigmir)net

Bigmir)net is one of the largest Ukrainian portals. It combines a variety of services and applications: news, email, weather, photo albums, finance, public sales, work, etc. The main sections of the site: communication (e-mail, bigmir)net ICQ, photo albums, dating, diaries, postcards, chat, SMS, question-and-answer), entertainment (video, Mystery, computer games, "wallpaper" for your desktop, online radio portal, "fun", horoscopes), information (news and rankings of sites, maps, weather, TV programme, the economy and finance, the section "Tips and Life"), reviews (travel, mobile communications, tourism, work, RSS), supply (search for online shopping, ads, viruses, spam and anti-virus software, cars, real estate, online public sale Aukro, bigmir-context).

Bigmir)net is also engaged in the collection and publication of global statistics of the Ukrainian Internet. In 2000 the bigmir)net`s rating of sites became one of the leading on Ukrainian online space.

Bigmir)net`s bill offers a complete information about all events and things to do: exhibitions, movies, concerts, restaurants in Kiev, parties, theatre playbills. Here you can keep up with novelties of foreign and domestic cinema, reviews of cinephils and other interesting information. All users of the resource are also given the opportunity to publish their reviews and to express personal opinions about already viewed films. With thousands of people every day learn more about new films, books and events that deserve attention.