On the verge of decency

“Barely Decent” Art. Lebedev partner store in Odessa, known as Nagrapril (nickname at blogoshpere) is the most successful, brave and advanced partner chain store located at the post soviet territory.
This name precisely reveals the philosophy, principals and partly the stock. Here you can drink coffee and taste home made cookies and jam.  Nagrapril’s team lives on barely decent, loves on barely decent, acculturates on barely decent – makes everything on the verge.
Here in the shop a person can buy different design, business, kid’s books and goods made by Art. Lebedev Studio or with its assistance. Nagrapril shows the culture of perfect design, rears a taste and esthetic sense, desire of thinking, seeing around the beauty and functionality. Nagrapril shows how to pay attention to details and makes everything with real Odessa flavor.
“Barely Decent” store represents Odessa brand “I love Odessa” as the official producer of souvenirs with Odessa touristic logo, designed by Art. Lebedev Studio in 2012.