The 8th Odesa International Film Festival presents the image video for 2017
Aidan Turner became the main character of the promotional video

The idea and the script of the new promo video were developed by director Igor Stekolenko and the creative team of the general television partner of the OIFF – the TV channel “Ukraine”, which has been supporting the OIFF for 6 years.

"Creating each promo video is a complex creative process: you are making a mini-film, which means you need to find a format in which the unique atmosphere of the Odesa Film Festival will be represented within a few dozen seconds," says Julia Sinkevych, general producer of the Odesa International Film Festival. – “We really wanted Igor Stekolenko to direct this video because he has a very particular creative vision and a very precise understanding of the special atmosphere of the Odesa Film Festival. Our video was the result of the fruitful work of real professionals: Igor, the creative team of the channel “Ukraine” and the team of the Odesa Film Festival. For me personally, this is a new, unique and very exciting experience.”

“I wanted to work on a promotional video for the Odesa Film Festival –  and it’s great that this year I actually did it. Working with Aidan was very easy – he can embody any image very effortlessly, and he actively participates in working out the nature of his character. Sometimes it wasn’t even like a filming process – we were just having a good time. As it always should be on set,” commented the director Igor Stekolenko.

Odessa is a city with a unique atmosphere, which has inspired the best filmmakers of the world to create their new masterpieces. This was where the world’s first film camera was designed, and such films as “Battleship Potemkin” by Sergei Eisenstein, “The Man with the Camera” by Dziga Vertov and many others were made. It is also home to the legendary Potemkin Stairs, which received the status of “Treasure of European Cinematography” from the European Academy, and the famous Odesa Film Studio, where hundreds of films were created. Therefore, at the center of the plot of the promo clip of the 8th OIFF is an actor and Odessa, which helps him establish himself in his new role.

“When we were writing the script, we set out to convey the atmosphere of our hero’s stay in Odesa: to show how he accumulates impressions and collects images in order to get used to his new role. The finale is unconcluded, but the main idea is that everyone will find their kind of cinema at the upcoming film festival,” comments Roman Shoma, creative director of the TV channel “Ukraine”.

The video production of the new promo video was carried out by Pronto Film. The main character of the video is Irish actor Aidan Turner (“The Hobbit”, “Poldark”, "And Then There Were None”, “The Tudors”).

In the video Aidan Turner is playing himself – an actor who is in search of creative inspiration and new experiences. That is why he came to Odesa – one of the most cinematic cities in Ukraine, saturated with a special vibe and unique cinematic atmosphere. According to the script, Aidan is preparing to play a new role – he is watching people, collecting characters, and, most importantly, looking for inspiration for his next character.

“It was an honor for me to become a part of the festival, and I was very happy when I was offered to appear in the promo video. I cannot wait to return to Odesa again in July to see the result of our work on the big screen, as well as watch some films,” the actor shared his impressions from filming.

We are reminding you that the 8th Odessa International Film Festival will be held from 14 to 22 of July. Also, recently, the OIFF presented a new poster for 2017.