On the last day of the Film Industry Office, winners of three professional contests were announced: OIFF ScripTeast Series Projects, Project Pitching and Work in progress

Julia Sinkevych, the General Producer of OIFF, congratulated all participants of the section before the award ceremony: “4 eventful days, with events that have never before been done at our festival, like the Odesa IFF ScripTeast Series Projects, and the Baltic Focus, and Actor’s Workshop. I want to thank all the lecturers who held interesting meetings with our Ukrainian actors.”

The prize for the best project among the OIFF ScripTeast Series Projects was presented by Vlad Ryashin, general producer of Star Media (Ukraine) and Brigitte Mantey, adviser on film financing, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (Germany). 37 contenders competed in the section, of which 5 participants were selected. They presented their projects at the film festival. The winner became the work “Cursed Mountains” (Croatia, showrunners Dorotea Vucic and Višna Mamić).

Accepting the award, Dorothea Vucic noted that this prize has a special significance for the creative team: “In our country, unfortunately, we do not have the market for such a product. Thank you so much. Everything happened so quickly – seems like we just applied, and now we get this award. I don’t have words.”

For awarding the winner of Pitching, the jury was invited to the stage. Out of 11 applicants, they had to choose one. All the teams that participated in Pitching were trained by Martina Bleis – the tutor of the section. After her training, Ukrainian filmmakers were so well-prepared for the pitching that the jury could not choose just one project. Therefore, they awarded two at once: “The Floor Is Lava” (directed by Kateryna Gornostai) and “My Thoughts Are Quiet” (directed by Antonio Lukic). The prize in the amount of 60 000 UAH from the sponsor of OIFF, the investment and development company UDP, went to both projects.

In the category Work in Progress, the winner became the project of director Roman Bondarchuk “Volcano”. Producer Aliona Yershova, accepting the certificate together with the director, remembered how a few years ago the team pitched this project at Pitching: “I hope that next year we will bring this film to the festival in a completely different capacity. And believe me, you will not regret it.”

The winning project was awarded with a prize: tickets of a nominal value of $2000 from the number one airline in Ukraine – UIA, the exclusive airline of OIFF.