The 7th day of OIFF: Continuation of competition programmes, special screenings, master classes
The Ukrainian premiere of the new film by Sergei Loznitsa, the continuation of the National Short Film Competition Programme, the special screening of the film “The Student” by Kirill Serebrennikov and the master class by the head of the jury Christian Petzold

The continuation of the International Competition and the National Short Film Competition, the Ukrainian film of the film “A Gentle Creature” by Sergei Loznitsa, and the special screening of the film “The Student” by Kirill Serebrennikov, master classes from the head of the jury Christian Petzold, and “Actor's Workshop” – and much more noteworthy events on the seventh day of the film festival.

The 8th OIFF is rapidly approaching its end, but there are still very busy film-filled days ahead. Today within the framework of the International Competition there were two screenings: the French film “Orphan” and the co-production of Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and France “Frost”.

“Frost” is a war drama about the events in Donbass by Lithuanian director Šarūnas Bartas, starring French actress Vanessa Paradis. The film was selected for the participation in the programme of “The Biweekly of Directors” at the 70th Cannes Film Festival. At the OIFF the film was presented by producers Vladimir Filippov, Elena Yershova and actors Mantas Janciauskas and Andrzej Hira. “The events in Ukraine are a painful topic for Lithuanians too. Šarūnas Bartas wanted to make this film to demonstrate to the Lithuanians and, in particular, the generation that does not know what war is really like – the unattainability of distance, that this is happening to us, and closer than we think”, said Elena Yershova. 

The International Competition Programme also presented the French drama “Orphan” (directed by Arnaud des Palliéres), which was presented by director Arnaud des Palliéres and scriptwriter Christelle Berthevas. “A part of the story is about me. I had some notes, texts, photos for a period of 20-30 years of my life. Arnaud knew about this, and once said that he wanted to make a film based on these notes,” the screenwriter shared.

“We provided an opportunity for the viewer, through the prism of their culture and sensibility, to finish the story themselves. In my opinion, a historical reproduction of the era or time shortens the film’s shelf life. In the film, the temporal visual characteristics are intentionally not represented, and that creates an impression that all this can happen at one time, that these stories exist in parallel – and at the same time represent the fate of one person,” the director said.

The main and the most anticipated event of the 7th day of OIFF was the Ukrainian premiere of the film “A Gentle Creature” by Sergei Loznitsa. The film was in the running for the Golden Palm of the 70th Cannes Film Festival. In creating the film, Sergei Loznitsa was inspired by the eponymous novel by Dostoevsky. The director personally presented the film together with actress Lia Akhedzhakova, who starred in the film. Lia Akhedzhakova is also a special guest of OIFF-2017.

The Austrian film “Secondo Me” (directed by Pavel Cuzuioc) about three cloakroom attendants from three European opera houses – the Vienna State Opera, La Scala in Milan and the Odesa Opera and Ballet Theatre – was presented in the European Documentary Competition.

With the support of the official sponsor of OIFF-2017 TM “ARARAT”, the non-competition programme “Festival of Festivals” presented the comedic drama “The Distinguished Citizen” (directed by Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn). At the Venice Film Festival-2016, the film received the award for best acting.

At the Festival Palace, the second block of the National Short Film Competition was screened, including “SOLATIUM” (Christina Tynkevych), “Towards the Figure of Father” (Liza Babenko), “Grace” (Zhanna Ozirna), “Eluvium – Regenerative Being” (Stas Santimov), “A Wonderful Monster” (Serhii Melnichenko), “Prychynna: The Story of Love” (Andrii Shcherbak).

The Stella Artois Green Theatre hosted the screening of an art house film “The Student” by Kirill Serebrennikov.

Also on the seventh day of the festival a master class was conducted by the head of the jury, German director Christian Petzold, as well as the lecturers of “Actor’s Workshop”, Pitching, and conferences within the framework of the Film Industry Office. The children’s program featured a film “The Boy with the Golden Pants” (directed by Ella Lemhagen), which received the Audience Award at the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam. The sections “Wonder Women” and “Special Screenings” featured the French-Belgian horror film “Raw” (directed by Julie Ducournau), which received the FIPRESCI prize at Cannes-2016.

And, traditionally, the evening ended at the festival club “Caleton”, with ARARAT JAZZ NIGHT by the official sponsor of OIFF-2017 TM “ARARAT”, at which the ethno project of sisters Laura and Christina Marti performed a combination of Armenian melodies and European jazz.