The 3d day of OIFF: screenings of Cannes and Berlinale favourites, two Ukrainian films in two competition programmes
On July 16, two films drew especially big crowds – “The Beguiled” by Sofia Coppola and “On Body and Soul” by Ildikó Enyedi, while the National Competition kicked off with the screening of two films, and jury member Sibel Kekili personally presented the film “When We Leave” by Feo Aladag at the Stella Artois Green Theatre.

The “Festival of Festivals” programme presented two films – one from Hungary, one from the United States. The first was the work of director Ildikó Enyedi “On Body and Soul”, which this year won the main prize of the Berlin Film Festival – the Golden Bear. The other film was “The Beguiled”, the screening of which drew the largest crowd to the Festival Palace since the start of OIFF. The film by director Sofia Coppola, with Nicole Kіdman in the leading role, won the award for Best Director at the Cannes Festival. 
The members of the creative team of the Ukrainian-Austrian film “Ugly”, including the director Juri Rechinski and the star of Ulrich Zeidl’s films, Austrian actress Maria Hofstatter, came to present the film. This is Rechinski’s first feature film, the world premiere of which took place this year at the Rotterdam Film Festival. The film participates in two competition programmes at once – the International and the National. At the press conference, one of the producers of the film called Juri Rechinski “the new Tarkovsky”. In turn, the director explained the idea behind ​​the film: “I tried to convey some of the states that, in my opinion, represent a valuable and, unfortunately, inevitable experience in human life.” The debut work of Estonian director Vallo Toomla “Pretenders” was presented as part of the International Competition by the director and the producer of the film Eric Pollumaa. “The idea behind ​​the film was to enable the audience to independently determine what actually did happen and what did not”, said Vallo Toomla.
Also on this day, OIFF presented “The Leading Role” by Serhiy Bukovsky, which takes part in two programmes of the festival – the European Documentary Competition and the National Competition. This documentary became the winner of the Golden Dziga award in the category “Best Documentary”. That same day, Levin Peter’s work “Beyond the Snowstorm” was presented as part of the European Documentary Competition.
Within the “Special Screenings” programme, the viewers saw two films. The first is the winner in the Generation 14+ section of Berlinale-2017 by directors Georg Genoux and Liza Smith, “School №3”. The film tells about teenagers who lived through the war. “This is the Ukrainian premiere of the film – here, at the Odesa Film Festival. I want to note that all the characters from our film are present here”, said the director of the film Liza Smith at the press conference. The second film was the work of Austrian producer, scriptwriter and director Feo Aladag “When We Leave”. The film, the screening of which took place at the Stella Artois Green Theatre, was presented by actress Sibel Kekilli, member of the International Competition Jury.
The first two episodes of the series “The Experts” were presented at OIFF. “I think that you will see everything there – love, complex investigations, and the amazing qualities of our characters, which were well-written by their creator Renat Hilfanov”, said Natalia Stribuk, the main producer of series production of the channel “Ukraine”.
The programme “International Retrospective: Wonder Women” opened with the film “Jackie Brown”. This work of the famous director Quentin Tarantino was presented at the Berlin Film Festival in 1998. Igor Minaiev’s “Cold March” was the first film presented within the framework of the Ukrainian retrospective “Tender Age”. The film participated in the Biweekly of Directors at the Cannes Film Festival in 1988, where it received the Audience Award. The children’s programme presented a sensitive film “Mommy, I Love You” (Mammu, es Tevi milu).
Also today, the best lawyers of the country took part in the Film Battle by League:Law and Yuskutum.
At the end of the day, the guests of the festival had the opportunity to go to the party dedicated to the premiere of the film “Mr. Stein Goes Online” at the Caleton Festival Club, where Mariana Holovko accompanied by pianist Dmytro Harkavenko performed an exclusive francophone programme.