Program of Odesa cultural institutions




Cold Faith

Invogue gallery will introduce a project The Cold Faith that will focus on the synthesis of modern art, classic movies, and the image of an actress Vera Kholodnaya, deeply rooted in the Odessa background. The exhibition will comprise the works of contemporary Ukrainian artists, museums objects, as well as an exhibition created specifically for the project.

July, 16th – 27th
daily, 11 am – 8 pm
25 Katerynynska street

In addition to the main exhibition in the Invogue gallery, cultural institutions of Odessa have joined OIFF-ART program and will present their exhibitions.



Museum of Contemporary Art of Odessa
Come into the circle

July, 14th – 29th
Wed – Sun, 12 pm – 7 pm
5 Belinskogo street
Free admission

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Odessa will present a project that will include a videoart dedicated to the problems of pirate content of the 1990s in the context of its uncritical perception of the mass audience, as well as the picturesque works of underground artist, actor Kira Muratova, Victor Pavlov. The center of the exposition will be video art criticism, by Uta Kilter, well-known performer and actress of Kira Muratova’s films.


Arteria Concept Laboratory
Artificial light
July 14th - 29th
Wed – Sun, 12 pm – 7 pm
5 Belinskogo street
Free admission

Arteria Concept Laboratory will present a project about the sense of time and life common to any creative beginning. The exposition will include graphic works of different periods and series, among them – stop frames from Soviet movies and linocuts based on Andrei Tarkovsky's films. Also, the originals of prints will be exhibited, and the projections of these works on the wall. Part of the presented works will depict the process and instrument of documentation, talk about the aesthetics of sensory perception.

Tea Factory

Exhibition of Polish movie posters from 1960s and 1970s
July, 15th – August, 1st
Daily (except Wed), 10.30 am – 5.30 pm
19 Polska street, Bleschunov Museum
Ticket fee for adults – 20 hrivnas, reduced ticket – 10 hrivnas.
Free admissions on OIFF accreditations

Tea Factory, an experimental centre for contemporary art, will present an exhibition of Polish movie posters from Dmitri Bannikov’s collection. In the times of socialism movie posters were the best manifestation of role of cinema in controlled society. Movie posters also became the bridge between world of miraculous world of cinema and real world of spectators, and also marked the public space of controlled city.


French Institute

Exhibition of Shortlist Cinema Poster Awards 2017
July, 15th – August, 1st
daily (except Wed), 10.30 am – 5.30 pm
19 Polska street, Bleschunov Museum

Ticket fee for adults – 20 hrivnas, reduced ticket – 10 hrivnas.
Free admissions on OIFF accreditations

The French Institute together with the organizers of the Cinema Poster Awards will present an exhibition of film posters on the theme of winning films in the history of the Cannes Film Festival. Cinema Poster Awards (CPA) is the first Ukrainian film poster competition for designers and illustrators. The idea of ​​CPA is to increase interest in the cultural life of Ukraine, to attract the attention of the society to quality cinema and its attributes, to open new talents in the field of design and illustration, to offer the Ukrainian city interesting content that can develop a sense of beauty.


HudPromo Gallery

Defined Conditions by Anatoly Gankevych
July 13 – 29
daily (except Sun), 11 am – 7 pm
6 Zhukovskogo street
Free admission

HudPromo gallery will present an exhibition of classic paintings augmented by visual arts.  Feelings that the Artist brings us in bright images of the sparkling sea penetrating through jalousies on the background of the picturesque landscape immerse us so deep that seem to become our own. It seems that the light breaks up the colour picture into pixels and presents beauty in every single fragment. The effect of linens becomes even stronger due to the author's mosaic texture and video installation on the pictures giving the feeling of the complete complicity to artist's experiences and gives the mood of quietness, happiness and joy.

Yalanzhi Objects
Cell Practice by Julia Yalanzhi
July 16th – September, 16th
55 Velyka Arnautska street
Free admission
Julia Yalanzhi will show a project that was shown this spring at Invogue gallery and was warmly accepted in Odesa. The "Cell Practice" project comprises groups of lightweight paper objects of different sizes resembling the cellular system, where each component represents a unique microcosm entitled with individual traits.The artwork by Julia Yalanzhi is often irrational, though the forms she creates are easily comprehendible. The artist refers to the archetypal feminine form which is the form of a sphere, the primary form of every living thing. Julia involves the viewer to the dialogue on an emotional level as well as mutual experience that lies beyond any words.
Who am I? by Maria Kulikovska
July, 13th – August, 1st
daily, 9 am – 11 pm
34 Marazliivska str., Taras Shevchenko Central Park of Culture and Recreation
Who am I? What am I? Why am I doing this? Who are we? Where are we? Is it really all this and I? That are the main questions posed by the sculptor Maria Kulikovskaya. She is continuously working with the theme of corporeality and replicates endless copies of herself, clones of her body. The Green Theater will present a new series of sculptures by the artist in which she explores her own inner chains, tears, insecurities, fears and pain.

ART-OIFF programme will happen thanks to UART Foundation for Cultural Diplomacy.